Cyber risk - should SMEs be concerned?
Every day, managers of small businesses struggle with issues that arise as a result of business dependence on IT and data, knowing that financial, reputational and legal problems can result.
They know that the regulatory environment is becoming more demanding, the threat environment from hackers more hostile and the complexity of IT systems ever increasing.

If you are managing a small or medium sized enterprise, struggling to make sense of this environment and concerned that you are not doing enough to prepare your business and your people for a Cyber incident, Cyber Plus Solutions can help you. We offer peace of mind from Cyber risk.

Our free Report 'Cyber risk - the SME perspective' is the result of 32 interviews carrried out by telephone and in person with UK SMEs. It gives an accurate picture of what SMEs think about Cyber risk and the solutions that they are interested to explore.
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'Cyber risk - the SME perspective'

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Cybercrime accounted for 57% of the 1.92 million incidences of all fraud reported in the previous 12 months.
2.9 million UK firms suffered Cybersecurity breaches in 2016 at a cost of £29.1 billion.
43% of all businesses have experienced a Cyber incident in the last 12 months
Nearly 75% of firms have no formal cyber security policies and 87% have no cyber security incident management process in place.
What does this mean for my SMB?
To try to make this real, consider this scenario: The CEO of a small company returns from a business trip at 9pm on the Friday before a Bank Holiday weekend and finds the following message on the office computers:
What would the CEO do? 
Call the organisation's IT team or the managed service provider who supplies the company's IT services to see if they can and will respond? 
Implement the company's Cyber Incident Response Plan, if one exists.
Sadly, if the business cannot respond immediately with experts working over the weekend, irreparable damage could be done. The reality is that nearly 60% of small companies go out of business following a hack and 71% of all Cyber assaults occur at businesses with under 100 workers.
SMEs are big business for Cyber criminals. You should be concerned if you have not yet prepared your company and your people for a Cyber incident.

Cyber Plus Solutions can help you prepare for this scenario so that your company becomes more Cyber resilient  and your people become more Cyber aware. We offer peace of mind from Cyber risk. 
Our comprehensive solution includes an online assessment of your organisations cyber risk profile & score
Risk dashboard and risk report
Introduction to a cyber security toolkit
A cyber insurance policy
A cyber expert response team
Our 4 step online process
We will offer a comprehensive solution to Cyber risk. We will help you to protect your business, providing you with access to the tools that you need to uncover cyber weaknesses before the hackers do and shore up your defences. And if you get hacked, the expert response team gives immediate help with the insurance policy protecting you financially. This is a comprehensive solution for a serious business risk.

We will offer a unique process in plain English that helps non-technical people understand and then manage the Cyber risks of their business. Management gets visibility and control over this vital Business Risk.

Join us on the journey to build our comprehensive solution for the Cyber risk of SMEs. Register with us to receive a free copy of our Report “Cyber Risk - the SME perspective" and other material that we will make available. Registering with us will allow us to communicate with you and gives you a voice in the development of our solution, a voice that we would very much like to hear.
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About Cyber Plus Solutions
Cyber Plus Solutions is a new business founded by two entrepreneurs who exited from a successful insurance start-up in 2015. Our expertise is in risk management, not technology. We understand the challenges that SMEs face to manage Cyber risk. For us, it is a Business risk that needs to be managed like any other.

We have created Cyber Plus Solutions to combine, in a comprehensive online solution, the best of what the Cyber technology and insurance sectors offer to SMEs. We are currently gathering input from the SME audience in the UK and Ireland and designing our product to meet their needs.